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What do I do when:

  • I downloaded and installed the app and the app displays “EXPIRED”. – After installing the app you must initialize the app. To initialize the app, click the ‘Settings Button’, and then click the ‘Save Button’ on the settings page.
  • I do not see the “SG” icon in the task or system tray? – Reboot the device.
  • I do not see any numbers after ID? – Reboot the device.
  • No GPS coordinates is sent in the SMS message or only the word “HELP”? – (1) Make sure that GPS service is enabled on the device, & (2) Make sure you are in a location to receive GPS signal from satellites.
  • I input a phone number to the SMS Phone # field under Settings, but the contact person is not receiving the SMS message? – Make sure the number is entered correctly (in the same format as you would to send a standard SMS message to that number and press the SAVE button to submit.
  • I press the power button but the app does not activate (nothing happens)? – The power/sleep button must be pressed repeatedly (fast) for more than 3 times within 3 seconds. A good practice is to press the power button 5 times (fast), wait 2 seconds then repeat if the app does not activate. If PLAY SOUND is enabled, you will hear a charm and your device will vibrate. Launch the app to confirm activation – you will see the alert button color Red (active). To disable the alert simple press the alert button and it will turn Green (inactive).
  • Sometimes when I am on a call the app goes into the active state and start sending out alerts – triggering the backlit ON/OFF sensor repeating will cause the app to go into an active state. For example, if you are on a call and in fast motion repeating trigger the backlit ON/OFF sensor by moving the phone away from your face, the app can go into the active state at the right time interval, similar to pressing the power/sleep button.
  • The app is not working, when I press the emergency button I get the message: “Please contact SecurGard Limited at for a new activation code” – Your activation code has expired. You must have a valid activation code to continue using the app and or services. Go to and request a new activation code, include in your message your app ID Number.
  • See for instructions on how to retrieve your app ID Number.


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